Yana Taylor: Small Acts, Long Ripples

Yana Taylor, ‘Persimmons’, 2024, single channel audio, model persimmons; ‘Photo Table’, 2024, single channel audio, table with donated family photographs, live web cam feed. Installation view of ‘Yana Taylor: Small Acts, Long Ripples’ at Campbelltown Arts Centre (2024). Courtesy the artist. Photo: Silversalt Photography.

Exhibition Dates: 13 April – 23 June 2024
Opening Event: Saturday 13 April, 2pm – 4pm

Stories of others’ experiences are often heard in the background, like a podcast while doing the dishes or travelling. Multidisciplinary performance-maker Yana Taylor has designed a deep listening environment where a group of people tell their stories of transformation.

Everyday encounters in our life may seem small or insignificant, until we look back. Those amongst us whose life conditions are precarious often rely for their ongoing health and survival on these incidental moments. The resonance of these small acts is long. Against individualism, the artist communicates the power we have in each other’s lives, even when we are not acquainted or not aware.

These storytellers, while diverse, are not categorised in a program catalogue nor are their stories derived from interview questions. For an intimate experience, spectators are encouraged to take their time and to listen within the installation.

‘Small Acts, Long Ripples’ is commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and began as a creative development at C-A-C in 2022.

Lead Artist: Yana Taylor 

Storytellers: Renee Allara, Richard J Bell, David Capra, Kalanjay Dhir, Yana Taylor and Meme Thorne 

Creative Producer: Anthea Doropoulos 


Yana Taylor

Yana Taylor is a contemporary maker and performer based in Western Sydney. Her work is devised with interdisciplinary teams combining live performance (movement, voice & acting) with video and photography. Taylor’s starting points are micro and macro fissures or pressure points in inequities of power which are publicly documented. This process involves in-depth research into archives and literature. Recent live and screen performance installation works as lead artist include, ‘Beautiful Rot’, Liveworks (2022) and ‘Leading is Following is Leading’, Liveworks (2020). In 2020, during a residency at Parramatta Artist Studios, Taylor presented the digital exhibition ‘Land, Vista, Food, Colony’.

Taylor is also a freelance director and dramaturg. From 2000-13, Taylor was a core member of documentary theatre ensemble version 1.0 inc., a group of artists who made deeply political and personal research-based performances which engaged with significant political and social issues using innovative theatrical strategies. Taylor was a core member of the team working across all areas from research and development to writing, acting and film. Key works included: ‘Disappearances Project’ (2012-13) which was presented around Australia and at Brighton International Festival; ‘Table of Knowledge’ (2011); ‘This Kind of Ruckus’ (2010); ‘Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue’ (2007); ‘Wages of a Spin’ (2006); Certain Maritime Incident’ (2004); and Second Last Supper (2001).

Taylor holds a PhD from the University of Sydney (2007). Her research is focused on the influence of body-based practices in the performance making by first wave contemporary performance makers of the 1980- 90s associated with Sydney’s Performance Space.