Yirran Miigaydhu: Weaving our ways to Country

Exhibition: 9 April – 22 May 2022 
Opening: Saturday 9 April 2022, 2pm – 4pm 

This exhibition, Weaving our ways to Country, or Yirran Miigaydhu Biyangalaygu Ngurayu in Dharawal language, is the second presentation of newly created works by Yirran Miigaydhu – Aboriginal Women’s Weaving Group at Campbelltown Arts Centre since 2019.  

Yirran Miigaydhu began in early 2015 as a weaving group for South West Sydney based Aboriginal women to connect and embrace knowledge through weaving. These meetings provide space for connection through conversation, sharing  stories and interweaving women’s business and wellbeing with creativity. 

The group meet once a month at Campbelltown Arts Centre and are led by  established  weaver  and  artist,  Aunty  Phyllis  Stewart  who guides weaving  with traditional  and  contemporary  methods using natural fibres and grasses such as Lomandra and vines which are harvested from the surrounding area.  

For this exhibition, the Yirran Miigaydhu weavers have created ambitious vessels using basket-making techniques with dyed raffia and cane. Bringing the old ways to new times, strengthening journeys and reviving connections, this exhibition epitomises the gathering of many women from across Country and the celebrated tradition of creating meeting space on Dharawal land.  

Yirran Miigaydhu weavers have previously exhibited at Cement Fondu (Sydney), Sturt Gallery (Southern Highlands) and have produced fibre sculptures and baskets for sale at Campbelltown Art Centre’s Artist Exchange retail store. Their work as a group and individually spans baskets, fish nets, eel traps, random weave, sculpture and wall-based installation incorporating natural fibres found on Dharawal and Yuin Country.  

Amealia Lai 
Annette Dixon 
Annette Houston 
Christine Weatherall  
Clarinda Vinter 
Delphine Leslie 
Diane Andrewartha 
Gail Vinter 
Jillian Scahill 
Joeann Tanginoa 
Karen Austin 
Karen Lee Nichols 
Kerrie Whitmore 
Leeanne Hudson 
Madalanne Taylor 
Micheline Fabilia  
Natalie  Valiente  
Patricia Ping
Tahnee Ping 
Marilyn Raymond 
Tina Taylor 

With special acknowledgement to Uncle Steven Russell for his contribution and support for the program and exhibition