Vernon Ah Kee – The Island Reviews & Interviews

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Vernon Ah Kee – The Island
Reviews & Interviews

ArtsHub – Review: Vernon Ah Kee: The Island, Campbelltown Arts Centre by Gina Fairley
‘A powerful survey exhibition of Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee’s videos and wall texts, questions the frameworks of power and role of language in embedded racism.’ – Gina Fairley, ArtsHub

ABC Radio National The Art Show with Namila Benson – Vernon Ah Kee: art should ask questions
Duration: 29min 1sec interview
Namila Benson on The Art Show interviews Vernon Ah Kee, unpacking the questions within his practice that confront systems and structures in contemporary Australia from the perspective of his Aboriginal experience.

Running Dog Review: The Island – Vernon Ah Kee (Part 1) by Andrew Brooks
Running Dog Review: The Island – Vernon Ah Kee (Part 2) by Andrew Brooks
A two part series extended review considering the exhibition Vernon Ah Kee – The Island.

The Saturday Paper – Vernon Ah Kee’s The Island  by Steve Dow
‘The power of Vernon Ah Kee’s latest show, The Island, lies in its ability to spotlight the experiences of First Nations people and refugees as the antithesis of privileged white Australian culture.’ – Steve Dow, The Saturday Paper

MutualArt – ‘Someone’s Got to Deal With That Fire:’ Vernon Ah Kee’s The Island by Emma-Kate Wilson
‘In a conversation with the artist about his exhibition, Ah Kee likens the denial to “a fire burning behind your back,” but adds, “you can turn your back on it, but someone’s got to deal with that fire.”’ – Emma-Kate Wilson, MutualArt

Art Guide – Preview: The Island by Steve Dow
The Island delves into Ah Kee’s hard-hitting critiques of Australia, with Campbelltown Arts Centre commissioning a new work which premieres in the show.’ – Steve Dow, Art Guide