‘Unity of Adolescent Abstract Thoughts’

Number  Artist  Title 
1  Felisha Wiid
Amelia Hodge 
Arianna Phillips
Jenna Lim
Chloe Lawson
Emali Vakawale Nawaqatabu 
Caleb Whitehead
Lily Moulin 
Hailey Thomas 
Dilan Williams
Noor Agha
Chanelle Hunt  
Layden Fenton-Kerr
Matisse Master
Collaborative Impression Sketches 
2  Chanelle Hunt
Chloe Lawson
Emali Vakawale Nawaqatabu
Felisha Wiid
Arianna Phillips
Caleb Whitehead
Layden Fenton-Kerr
My Story 
3  Felisha Wiid  Serpent of Wanderers 
4  Amelia Hodge   The Rainbow Serpent and Skull Rock 
5  Arianna Phillips  Strangulation by Root : Delicate Dismantling 
6  Jenna Lim  My Lion 
7  Chloe Lawson  Young Minds Dream 
8  Emali Vakawale Nawaqatabu  Lokahi (Hawaiian: Unity + Harmony) 
9  Caleb Whitehead  Three Faced 
10  Lily Moulin   Path of a Story-Teller 
11  Hailey Thomas   Untitled 
12  Dilan Williams  Untitled 
13  Noor Agha  Diaspora 
14  Chanelle Hunt  Dawn of Serenity
15  Layden Fenton-Kerr  The Flowing Imprint of Life
16  Matisse Masters  Untitled