TV Moore’s Rum Jungle

Cost: $40
Size: 305mm x 210 mm
Pages: 204
Designer: Pat Armstrong

About: In 2014, Campbelltown Arts Centre presented a suite of ambitious new works as well as a comprehensive survey of existing works by TV Moore, one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists. The exhibition had a strong curatorial focus and explored Moore’s broad and dynamic practice. Sitting on the peripheries of technological development the exhibition defined the pivotal journey Moore has taken within his practice. Such exploration allowed for multiple access points to be determined for the audience to engage with conceptual art.

This catalogue include extensive images of TV Moore’s previous work as well as the install at Campbelltown Arts Centre, it also features writing by Susan Gibb, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, Erik Jensen and Michael Dagostino.

To find out more about this catalogue or to purchase a copy in person call 4645 4100 or email.