Sweet Mama

Photo: Teniola Komolafe


Wednesday 26 July, 7.30pm – Opening Night (Invite Only)

Thursday 27, 7.30pm
Saturday 29 July, 1.30pm + Q&A
Saturday 29 July, 7.30pm 

School Performances:
Wednesday 26 July, 11am + Q&A
Friday 28 July, 11am + Q&A (SOLD OUT)

Do you believe in destiny?

Sweet Mama was born to combat an invisible enemy slowly and painfully eradicating her people. Armed with ancient knowledge, future technology and excellent dance moves, she embarks on the greatest battle of her life; to beat the monster from inside her mother’s body. Writer/creator, lyricist and genre-defying theatre maker Candy Bowers has delved into the medical, scientific and socio-political nature of the greatest disease disproportionately affecting black and brown people globally, in Australia, and in her own family – type 2 diabetes. Utilising her childhood love of sci-fi fantasy, 80’s video games, afrobeat music and classic theatre training, this production explores what it might take to break the cycle now reaching epidemic proportions

Sweet Mama
Written, directed and performed by Candy Bowers
50 mins
Tickets: $30 each
$15 student tickets (2 teachers free per school).