Image: Denis Beaubois

Development: 5 September – 1 October
Event Date: Saturday 1 October, 6 – 8.30pm
Curators: Branch Nebula (Mirabelle Wouters and Lee Wilson)
Artists: Denis Beaubois (NSW), Matthew Prest (NSW), Bhenji Ra (NSW), Amala Groom (NSW) and Salote Tawale (NSW)

Swarm saw participants embark on a 2-hour live art tour as five artists dance, run, bury, build, vogue, and race in and around Campbelltown’s main drag, Queen Street. Swarm: Collective Actions on Queen teases out questions about individual agency within public spaces, the impact of collective actions, and the role of the artist within a (re)vision of a city’s development.

Artists Amala Groom, Bhenji Ra, Denis Beaubois, Matthew Prest and Salote Tawale collaborated with local businesses and community organisations in the development and outcome of their artistic projects. These 5 artists situated their projects in the ‘centre’ of Campbelltown in order to reimagine our use and perception of Queen Street. Swarm: Collective Actions on Queen is a direct response to this challenging site in transition and an enquiry into the functionality of urban development and civic space.