Strangers: A Retrospective of Joan Brassil

Cost: $30
Size: 240mm x 175 mm
Pages: 80
Designer: Collider

About: In 2015, Campbelltown Arts Centre presented a retrospective of the work of Wedderburn artist, Joan Brassil. This catalogue features essays by Susan Best, Megan Monte, Marsha Meskimmon and an interview by Ruth Banfield with the Brassil family. Throughout the catalogue there is both install photographs as well as cherished family photographs from Joans life.

Brassil lived in Wedderburn and was one of the founding artists to establish the thriving arts community in the area. The landscape of Wedderburn was an inspiration in her work and she remained connected to it all her life. This exhibition was collectively realised through the family, friends and professional colleagues of Brassil who have come together for the first time in many years. Brassil is an important artist who contributed to the arts in Australia for over 30 years. Her work has been included in a number of exhibitions including Prespecta (1985), the 6th Sydney Biennale ‘Origins, Originality, Beyond’ Pier 2 (1986), Time Warp Reflections Ars Electronica Linz, Austria (1989) and QUE VIVE—Reflections and Echoes, Liquid Sea, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney (2003). Her solo exhibitions include The Resonant Image Retrospective, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (1990) and The Breath of Psyche Art Gallery NSW (1999).

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