Space YZ – Artist Talks

From L-R: Jon Hunter, I don’t go to Penrith on Sundays anymore, 2008; Melissa Ramos, Neon Woman, 2001; Samuel Bruce, Turmites: Red Mix, 2005; Joe Ernsten, Comforter, 1994-1997; T.R. Carter, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, 2008; Emma Crimmings, Let’s Do Lunch, 1994; Jon Wah, Dressing, 2008

Saturday 6 March 2021, 2pm – 3.30pm
In times of alarmingly diminishing art school options in the tertiary and higher education systems, Space YZ, commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham, draws inspiration from the visual arts legacy of Western Sydney University (formerly known as University of Western Sydney).

Staged twelve years since the closure of the art school, Space YZ presents significant early works created by 88 Visual Arts and Electronic Arts alumni during their undergraduate studies or within two years of graduation.

To coincide with the Space YZ exhibition, exhibiting artists will be speaking to their early works on display in Space YZ, their career trajectory and current practice. By reflecting on their time since art school, artists will share the varied answers to the ongoing question: Where to from here?

Greg Ferris
Ebony Secombe
Miguel Olmo
Jon Hunter         
Claire Conroy
Anna Boros
Audrey Newton               
Anne Kay
George Tillianakis