Image courtesy of the artist

First Development: 26 – 30 April 2022 

Stories of others’ experience are often background, heard like a podcast while we do the dishes or travel. Multidisciplinary performance-maker, Yana Taylor creates a deep listening environment without distractions to hear a dozen people tell their stories of transformation. These threads in a stranger’s life begin with the smallest, inconspicuous, and apparently, insignificant events/comments/encounters or objects. Those amongst us whose life conditions are precarious, often rely for their ongoing health and survival on these incidental moments. The resonance of these small acts is long. Against claims about the supremacy of individualism, the artist asserts ­– we are powerful in each other’s lives, even when we don’t realise.  These storytellers, while diverse, are not categorised in a program catalogue nor are their stories shaped in response to interview questions. For an intimate private hearing spectators select a visual artwork from amongst those arrayed around the studio, derived from each story in collaboration with the key artist.

Lead artist: Yana Taylor
Collaborating Artists: Effie Nkrumah, David Capra, Kalanjay Dhir, Renee Allara and Richard J Bell