Sarah Parker, Janaki Peart, Louise Snowdon SLOWART 11, 2020 mixed media 21cm x 29.7cm

Exhibition: 7 January – 23 February 2021
In May 2020, with the initial Covid-19 lockdown in place, Wedderburn artist David Hawkes initiated a shared art initiative called SLOWART.

Considering artists spend a lot of their time alone in their studios, the aim of the project was to connect with other artists in a playful way during this period of forced isolation. It was important to David to alleviate this for his own wellbeing and maintain relationships in an ongoing, collaborative and sharing way.

A call out was made through social media for anyone who wanted to participate in SLOWART where artists would share and contribute to a piece of work by mail. Each artist was sent an A4 panel that they would commence work on in any medium or style. This would be followed in succession by two other artists in their group, meaning each work would change hands three times. The 18 completed works are shown together in this exhibition by the 18 artists that accepted the challenge.

Artists include: David Hawkes, Fred Braat, Hugh Wayland, Janaki Peart, Juliee Pryor, Kartika Suharto, Joyti Peart, Lisa Anderson, Liz Carter, Louise Snowdon, Margaret Snowdon, Mona Karam, Neil Hawkes, Rod Monk, Russel Barker, Sarah Parker, Su Fischer and Trish Ryan.