Richard J Bell

Photo Credit: Garry Trinh

Richard J Bell’s work explores the notion of transitioning from illness to wellness and resilience. He intends for the voice-hearing community to relate on a deep emotional level, finding comfort in his work. Bell explores his Polynesian culture through kupesi designs, often superimposed over photos he has taken during visits to Tonga. In 2020, he collaborated with artist Blake Thomas for a major permanent public work where their work was etched into metal (Rizal Park, NSW). In 2017 Bell’s memoir appeared in ‘Semicolon: Your story isn’t over’(Harper Collins). In 2015 he published ‘The Gospel of Schizophrenia’ (Amazon CreateSpace). In 2021 Bell was mentored by Tongan Culture consultant, Rosaline Uanivā Havea, supported by Create NSW.