Real Real 5

Photo: Jason Phu

Friday 5 July | 1.30pm

Live streaming on social media platforms has become a highly contested public space. Legislators are scrambling to regulate what has become a medium weaponised by extremists, activated by community uprisings and utilised by corporate influencers.

Real Real tests the limits of this space as a platform for live performance. Social media live streaming has not only changed who can broadcast, but also what it means to be a witness to a live event. Real Real asks, how is technology influencing live world experiences?

The fifth instalment of Real Real will see artist Jason Phu collaborate with his mother Mimi Phu as the performer, costume designer Verity Mackey, and musicians Joanna Brooke, Chloe Kim and Kartika Suharto-Martin. Together they will stage a performance in five acts.

THE EMPRESS is bored and orders an extravagant meal, THE JILTED LOVER pines for the moon, the only thing bright and round enough, THE DEMON HUNTER is hunting THE DEMON but it feels like they are chasing their own shadow, THE FOOL DRUNKARD is a dumb maggot idiot.’

– Jason Phu

Audiences can access the performance on Facebook Live Friday 5 July 1.30pm followed by a Q and A with C-A-C’s Acting Curator of Performance Akil Ahamat.

Watch the performance

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