Real Real 3

Friday 27 July | 1.30pm

The line has long been blurred between real/fake, IRL/virtual, live/prerecord, original/copy.

Real Real is a series that utilises the inherently performative nature of social media as a platform for new performance. Each edition kicks off with a two week residency at C-A-C that will unfold on Instagram, and will culminate in a streamed performance on Facebook Live.

The third instalment of Real Real will celebrate the sumptuous collaboration of Akil Ahamat, Ainslie Templeton and Athena Thebus.

“Giving the camera an experience, each microphone an experience; what seems to condense into a single mythical moment (a private show), is time present, time past, and time future spiralling, folding in on itself anew. I don’t think anything that I think/do/feel/desire is radical, just a burp of an old way. Who wants to be off the road… maybe the highway? Lights on at night. Energizer bunny wears red vinyl gloves. Public speaking is like a drug – that’s why this is private – secret way to feed your passions and transmit a message.”  – Akil Ahamat, Ainslie Templeton and Athena Thebus

Followed by a Q and A facilitated by Campbelltown Contemporary Performance Curator Jessica Olivieri. The subsequent video will exist in the Real Real archive on the CAC website.

Watch the performance