Public Art Guided Tour

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn, 2022, 'Spinning the Fire Sutra I', photograph courtesy Infinite Images.

Tour of Campbelltown’s Public Artworks 

C-A-C has begun to proactively extend its artistic program beyond the walls of the Arts Centre – into the streetscapes of our Central Business District – through public art projects.

Featuring acclaimed artists with strong connections to South West Sydney, alongside a unique multi-disciplinary approach to commissioning, we are establishing iconic, one-of-a-kind spaces that speak to the values of the Campbelltown community by telling stories of diversity, resilience and connection.

Our public art tours invite students to take a stroll into the Campbelltown CBD, view these amazing and often large scale works and learn about some of the thriving artists, cultures and stories connected to Campbelltown. 

Read more about the artsits and their works here Public Art | Campbelltown Arts Centre (

Guided Tour of Campbelltown’s Public Artworks

Cost: $8 per student  

Duration: 1hr 15mins 
(for a tour of a selection of public artworks) 
(min of 13 students – group fee of $100 for less than 13 students)  
Numbers: Groups of up to 15 students 
(maximum 2 groups in one session time)