Pixel Sounds Workshops

Image: Pixel Sounds 2016 - courtesy Chris Frape

Pixel Sounds is back in 2017 and we’re turning 5! Come and celebrate with us as we serve up a banquet sized serving of 8-bit blips, bleeps and bass lines from the best ‘chip tune’ creators and performers from Australia and around the world.

But it’s not just about the who, it’s also about the how and the why. Before the gig you can learn how to create and play music on your GameBoy, explore nano looping and hear about how to make music on the 1980’s home computer, the Atari ST in workshops with the artists.

Game Boy Music Workshop | 12pm to 2pm

All the artists performing will lend a hand in teaching you the basics of creating music on a Nintendo Game Boy with the software Little Sound DJ (LSDJ). To get started you will learn the controls and be walked through creating a short loop.

This year we’ll also be looking at recording and using samples with your Game Boy and LSDJ so bring along your noise making devices / synths / drum machines and we will show you how to sample and convert them onto a Game Boy Cartridge and how to manipulate those samples to make music in Little Sound DJ.

There is a limited amount of provided equipment so get in early! If you have your own Game Boy or LSDJ Cartridge and headphones bring them along or feel free to watch. LSDJ cartridges can be found here:

Nanoloop Techno Resistance with CYMBA | 2.30pm to 3.30pm

The gentlemen from CYMBA will take you through how the visual design of Nanoloop software for Gameboy and Gameboy advance can be used for live performance collaboration. Learn some helpful tips and tricks from two of the world’s finest exponents of Nanoloop.

Atari ST introduction with Tom Foolery & The Family Jewellery | 4pm to 5pm

This workshop is an introductory session in how to make music on the 1980’s home computer, the Atari ST. It will look at how to buy and get started using Atari hardware, an in depth look how to use the excellent tracker MaxYMiser, as well as taking a brief look at some of the other software that was made for the Atari. As someone who has had to learn all of this hard way, TF&TFJ will share what he’s learnt from the steep learning curve of the Atari. All you need to bring for this workshop is yourself!

Bookings: All workshops are free, however spaces and resources are limited, so bookings are essential. Contact the Box Office on 4645 4100 to book.