NIRIN: Year 12 Online Study Series

Year 12 Study Day, 2019

Session 1: HSC Section 1, Practice Questions [Frames]

The following questions are adapted from past papers. We have replaced the original ‘stimulus’ works with works from NIRIN: 22nd Biennale of Sydney at Campbelltown Arts Centre.  

Download the PDF questions here

Please refer to NIRIN Virtual Tour here to see works in the gallery.

The marks and recommended times are based on the original papers; additional marking advice and feedback can be referenced for each question:  

The artworks in each question are new, and should be approached by students as ‘unseen’. Students shouldn’t use full catalogue text or require any prior knowledge on these works; written responses should be formed using information provided in the virtual tour or text below. 

We encourage students to start by discussing and interpreting each question and artwork in groups, or as a class with teacher facilitation. The questions can be answered progressively independently to build skills and confidence. For example: Teacher led small groups, a group interpretation with individual writing time, individually.  

Session 2: Artist Talk & Creative Stress Relief with Bhenji Ra

An introduction to the expansive practice of NIRIN artist Bhenji Ra, with practical stress relief exercises informed by her practice and experience. 

Watch Video 1: Bhenji Ra, Artist Introduction

Watch Video 2: Bheji Ra – Kapalabhati breathing workshop

Watch Video 3: Bhenji Ra – Stress relief workshop



Session 3: Essay Writing strategies  (Coming soon)



Video Chat: 3.45pm – 4.15pm Tuesday 26 May

Our program wraps up with a live video chat with Biennale of Sydney and C-A-C, 3.45 – 4.15pm on Tuesday 26 May. 

Artist Bhenji Ra, along with staff from Biennale of Sydney and Campbelltown Arts Centre will take questions from students as we facilitate another way to connect during times of disruption and remote learning. 

Please register your interest for the Video Chat, and to have program plan sent directly to your inbox. 

Enquiries and bookings: 

Edwina Hill, Education Officer 
[email protected] 
0419 213 872