Mumma Makers

Photography by Moira Vella

Thursday 6 May & 3 June 2021, 7pm – 9pm

Transform your creative passion into a business! Mumma Makers is a workshop for creative mums who either run small businesses or are looking to get started. Facilitated by local Fashion Designer, Art Director and Founder of Vellaquin, Julia Quinn, this workshop provides opportunities for you to network with Macarthur’s vibrant community of Mumma Makers, share skills, discuss small business trends and sell your art.

About the artist: Julia Quinn

With a background in fashion design, a career in Art Direction and a love of vibrant colour and fun…Vellaquin was born. It all started when I was styling my own home and wanted decor that matched my family’s modern, arty, colourful style and found I couldn’t get the designer look I wanted.

I set to work creating what I wanted to see in the market and knew I had something special when I launched and sold out within the first week!  I design each new range with a passion for creating something new, and aim to bring my happiness and joy into your home.

Happiness and creativity is contagious – create yours now!

C-A-C is a COVIDSafe venue and workshops are facilitated within the COVIDSafe guidelines.

Facilitator: Julia Quinn
Cost: $25 per session
Ages: 18+