Make Her

Thursday 29 February
6:30pm-9:00 pm 
Cost: $50 pp
(minimum 8 people).  

No matter your skill level, creativity is for all women. If you feel like a creative community is missing from your life, Make Her might just be the community for you. Make Her is a one workshop a term event hosted by creative woman from South Sydney.  

Term 1: Art Journalling with Kat Rakhada  
Is your goal to create this year and don’t know where to start?
Are you keen to develop new skills while practicing mindfulness?
Meet Kat Rakhada, a local creative who will help you discover the joy of art journalling!

Kat has put together a thoughtful workshop introducing you to the art practice of journalling with lots of prompts, fun techniques and focal points to get you started.  

In a world with A.I art/design on the forefront, art journaling is a practice to help you get back to basics, where layering and feeling the textures in your hands are all a part of the process.  

Workshop outline 
Date: 29th February  
Time: 6:30pm-9:00 pm  
6:30pm – 7:00pm Kat’s introduction to journalling  
7:00pm – 9pm Journalling  
Cost: $50 pp minimum 8 people.  
All materials will be provided