MAKE BOX | The Creative Post

MAKE BOX | The Creative Post

MAKE BOX | The Creative Post is a subscription based creative gift box for kids and families delivered direct to your door. 

At the beginning of every month, MAKE BOX subscribers will receive a creative gift, featuring a beautifully curated selection of art materials as well as tips and tricks to develop their making.  

Subscribers are granted access to an exclusive Maker’s Sesh video where they are introduced to C-A-C’s educator Anne Cutayar who will demonstrate how to use the materials with the help of mini makers. Subscribers are also invited to share their art virtually with fellow makers for the world to see! 

The first four MAKE BOX: The Creative Post boxes will be available for purchase soon and are the perfect gifts that keep on giving. This subscription is most suitable for art addicts and eager experimenters who are 5-10 years old. 

The $100 Creative Kids voucher is eligible to use for the purchase of these boxes, so why not get all four! If you prefer to buy a box at time, the MAKE BOX editions can be purchased separately for $25 per box. 

The first box will be posted in February, with each box being delivered on the first day of the month for the following three months. Choose one or two, or subscribe to all four and await the perfect creative gift delivered to your door! 
February 2022 | Polymer Clay  
March 2022 | Collage  
April 2022 | Drawing  
May 2022 | Stickers 

Ages: 5 -10 years
$25/month OR $100 for a 4 month subscription

Polymer Clay Box

Collage Box

Drawing Box

Stickers Box