Looking In: A Survey of David Hawkes from 1989 to Now

David Hawkes, Sites and Seeds, 2018. 160cm x 600cm acrylic on canvas

Exhibition: Saturday 16 June – Sunday 29 July
Opening: Saturday 16 June, 2pm

“I love sitting down quietly and looking into the bush. Your eye explores passageways through the leaves, branches and trunks. You almost disappear into a vortex. I aim for a similar feeling of exploration in my paintings – looking in, rather than looking at”

– David Hawkes, 2013.

David Hawkes’s practice is primarily concerned with paintings of abstract landscapes, but he has always looked to push the boundaries of the medium. After moving to Wedderburn on the edge of Sydney in 1989, Hawkes’s practice took on a whole new meaning.

Looking In: A Survey of David Hawkes – 1989 to Now presents an intimate look into Hawkes‘s life and eminent career over the past three decades. The exhibition will feature a series of works selected from integral parts of his career since living and working from his Wedderburn home and studio. The survey will also provide glimpses into the artist‘s practice now, reflecting upon how Hawkes has responded to, and continues to shape, the visual dialogue of the Australian landscape.

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