Photography by: Koen Broos


Tuesday 19, Thursday 21, Friday 22, Saturday 23,
Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 March
Time: 6pm – 7pm
Meet at: Bradbury Oval Basketball Courts
Classes are free and bookings not required.
*Klappsquad Classes are optional and are not required to take part in the initiation.


Saturday 30 March
Commences at: 7pm
Meet at: Campbelltown Arts Centre
Tickets: $10

Klapping is a nocturnal pilgrimage to an off-limits court, a dance ritual activated by movement, jerseys, flares and folklore. On Saturday 30th March, Campbelltown Arts Centre invites you to participate in Klapping.

Taking place on a cement court, Klapping extracts the roots of soccer culture and movement, re-shaping them in the style of modern urban dance cultures, such as B-boying and Krumping to create a new street dance. 

In 2017 Campbelltown Arts Centre commissioned dancers and former soccer players Ahil Ratnamohan and Feras Shaheen to create a new work. Inspired by a combination of street-dances and soccer formations, Ahil and Feras created a new urban movement style originating in Campbelltown named Klapping. 

Having spent some time growing the movement in Europe, ‘Maestro’ Ahil and Feras ‘the Shield’ return to Campbelltown for a two week residency which culminates in the first Klappsquad Initiation on Australian soil.  

Part workshop, part performance lesson and part night-jam the Klappsquad Initiation invites the community to take part together in this new street dance guided by the performers. 

Klapping encourages everyone to participate in the experience, regardless of any previous soccer or dance experience. All ages, all abilities welcome.

Join the #Klappsquad

What to Wear
Comfortable clothing and footwear that you can easily move around in. We recommend you wear training gear, sneakers and bring a jacket for the cool change.

Wet Weather
In the event of wet weather, the Klappsquad Initiation will still continue as planned. Bring a rain coat just in case.

Please notify Matthew Prest via email if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries.
[email protected] | (02) 4645 4726