George Williams: Gunagala buluuy-dhi Gunimaa-ga
(From the night sky to Mother Earth)

George Williams, ‘Golden Plains’, 2024 (top left); ‘Old Friends’, 2022 (bottom left); ‘2 Mile Bridge’ 2019 (top centre); ‘Stand by Me, 2022 (bottom centre); 'Nguurrambaa Ngay’ (right), 2024, installation view of ‘George Williams: Gunagala buluuy-dhi Gunimaa-ga (From the night sky to Mother Earth)’ at Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2024. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Silversalt Photography

Exhibition Dates: 13 April – 23 June 2024
Opening Event: Saturday 13 April, 2pm – 4pm

George Williams’ photography is based around our beautiful Country. George is driven to capture landscapes during the light of day and in the guise of night. Prosperity is a defining force in George’s approach to capturing landscapes. His subject matters include old farming machinery and the buildings that once housed them. “I believe it’s important to document historical and iconic, early Australiana. Our younger generation need to understand what was experienced by our forefathers to give us all a better way of life”. Through his practice, George looks at the changing nature of the landscape, whether this be under Mother Nature or through the means of “progress”. 

For the exhibition ‘Gunagala buluuy-dhi Gunimaa-ga (From the night sky to Mother Earth)’, George presents key works from his practice of astro photography where he goes on night outings to shoot during different time phases of the night. He states, “a resounding theme of this exhibition are my Milky Way images. These are images I’ve shot during the differing time phases that surpass dusk and dawn. These are astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, blue hour, golden hour then sunrise” 

The title of the exhibition ‘Gunagala buluuy-dhi Gunimaa-ga’ meaning ‘From the night sky to Mother Earth’ comes from the Yuwaalayaay language. George’s niece, Jacqui Frail created this title for her uncle’s exhibition.  

George Williams

George Williams is a Baakindji and Ngemba artist whose practice is driven by his cultural heritage. Ngemba on his father’s side and Barkindji on his mother’s side, George has a strong connection to and is inspired by Country. Born in Brewarrina, George lives and works in Walgett. He has a diverse practice of carving emu eggshells, painting and contemporary photography. George’s nightscape photographs take him into the landscape at the quietest times, under the same stars of his mother’s and father’s country. In 2022, George presented his first solo exhibition titled Time and Light at Brewarrina Visitor Centre, Exhibition Centre, Warren and Outback Arts, Coonamble. In 2023, George won the Aboriginal Art Prize, Outback Archies, Outback Arts (2023). 

Proudly supported by Outback Arts and Coonamble Shire Council.