From Home to Here

Image courtesy of Yuhana Nashmi

14 – 29 January 2023
Presented by Focus Connect and supported by Campbelltown Arts Centre, ‘From Home to Here’ is an exhibition outcome and art project that brought together migrants and refugees from the Macarthur region, reflecting on their journey from their home countries to Australia.

Approximately 63 participants were involved in a series of workshops hosted on site at Campbelltown Arts Centre with locally based artist Yuhana Nashmi, resulting in the development of over 100 ceramic tiles that reflect diverse perspectives on life and culture.

This project occurred in 2020 with a focus to reach the newly arrived, small and dispersed culturally and linguistically diverse communities settling in the Macarthur region. This includes people from Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria, India, Bangladesh, Africa, Laos, Thailand and South America. Participants in this project experienced both the opportunity to share stories and personal histories and find space for individual reflection.

The ‘From Home to Here’ workshop series was funded by Settlement Services International (SSI).