Endless Blue Edge | Jodie Whalen

Image still from Endless Blue Edge by Jodie Whalen (BLEED 2022), 16:9, 17:32min

BLEED Project Overview

Friday 2 & 23 September 2022, 5pm – 8pm 
This work will be shown during sunset at C-A-C.

Friday 2 September & 23 September 2022 
This work will be shown during sunset. 

Endless Blue Edge by multi-disciplinary artist Jodie Whalen, is a new video work created for the URL and transformed into an all-encompassing site-specific video installation for IRL.

Imagery of the sky captured in Western Sydney is distorted, replicated and paired with an original soundscape to offer viewers a site to contemplate the borders of internal and external landscapes, belief and transformation.

Symbols of earthly experience and liminal space become metaphors for our understating and experience of the unknown – a window into different realms of physical, metaphysical, and spiritual possibilities.

At sunset, on the opening and closing Friday evenings of BLEED, Campbelltown Arts Centre’s facade becomes the site for Jodie Whalen’s video installation Endless Blue Edge. This ephemeral video installation responds to the timing and passing of sunset, offering viewers a transformative site of contemplation – exploring the boundaries between our internal and external landscapes.  

Imagery of the sky and sunsets captured throughout Western Sydney will be projected onto the façade. Audiences will be enveloped by an all-encompassing spectacle of video, audio and light as the sun sets and the digital replication of the sky is projected onto the building where physical and digital worlds bleed into one. 

Endless Blue Edge explores how the sunset, a symbol of earthly experience and liminal space, acts as a window to different realms of physical, metaphysical, and spiritual possibilities. As an immersive installation, audiences share experiences of intimacy, desire and the body. The hard and soft boarders between internal and externals selves blur as the sky descends from light into darkness. 

View the Digital Component Here

Endless Blue Edge is commissioned and produced by Campbelltown Arts Centre as part of BLEED 2022.