Elders’ Ceramic Maker Kits

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Budjari Mudjingaal – Elders Ceramic Maker Kits 

Budjari Mudjingaal means ‘Good Friends’ in Dharawal language.

The Elders’ Ceramic Maker Kits have been developed for the community by local ceramic artist Natalie Valiente and The Elders’ Ceramic Group in celebration of their 2021 exhibition of vessels and bouquets responding to the short life expectancy of Aboriginal people and the increasing cost of sorry business.

Vessel and bouquets hold deep significance in celebration, ceremony and place. Clay holds memory of the hands that shape it, people hold memory of lived experience and land holds memory of the community that has lived upon it. Reflecting on a broad theme of creative empowerment in remembrance, this pack invites you to reflect upon your experiences, place and the people that have shaped you.

Through a series of simple, step-by-step instructions , you will be learn the basic principles of ceramics and floristry as you create and decorate an air dry clay vessel and flower bouquet inspired by your experiences

*Budjari Mudjingaal – Elders’ Ceramic Maker Kits are presented by Campbelltown City Council in celebration of Seniors Festival 2021. All tools and materials provided. Kits will be available for purchase from the 7 April, 2021 at Artist Exchange.

Artist: Natalie Valiente
Cost: $25 per pack OR $10 with a Seniors Card (FREE with your Dine & Discover voucher).
All proceeds go towards supporting the Elders Ceramic studio.

Packs are available to purchase from Artist Exchange at C-A-C.

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