We pay our respects to the Dharawal people who are the traditional custodians of the land, whose deepening connection to culture and customs have cared for this country for over 60,000 years. We acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging for their immense spiritual connection to place which was never ceded.

Dharawal land has always been recognised as a meeting place for people from other lands, and in this spirit we respectfully continue this tradition through the bringing together of our communities through arts and culture.

Always was and Always will be Aboriginal land.  

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Learning Resources

The following resources are provided for schools and educational institutions, to extend students’ engagement with C-A-C’s artistic programs. Please contact Education Officer for hard-copies or additional information.

Barbara McGrady: Ngiyaningy Maran Yaliwaunga Ngaara-li (Our Ancestors Are Always Watching), 2024

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Telly Tuita: Tongpop’s Great Expectations, 2024

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn: Aflame, 2023 | Secondary 

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn: Aflame, 2023 | Primary 

Karla Dickens: Embracing Shadows, 2023

Luke Sciberras: Side of the Sky, 2022

Marama Dina, 2019

Suzanne Archer: Song of the Cicada, 2019

Borrowed Scenery, 2019

Action and Consequence, 2018

Looking In: A Survey of David Hawkes from 1989 to Now, 2018

Lisa Reihana | Cinemania, 2018

The New Zealand at Venice Biennale Digital Learning Resource
Acknowledgements: The New Zealand at Venice Biennale Digital Learning Resource is a collaboration between Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa, with support from Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. Te Papa especially thanks the Artist, Lisa Reihana and Curator, Rhana Devenport for their support. We acknowledge the Expert Teacher Panel for their contribution to the making of this resource: Ros Cameron, Claire Chamberlain, Bridget Blair, Syleena Douglas, Jania Bates, Rhea Stevenson, Susan Haugh, Fiona Crawford and Graeme Anderson. We acknowledge the Dharawal community for their work with Lisa Reihana on in Pursuit of Venus [infected].

David Griggs | BETWEEN NATURE AND SIN, 2017

Candy Bowers | One the Bear (hip hop theatre for young audiences) 2017
Classroom workshops written by Dr Christine Hatton

Somewhere Between Sky and Earth, 2017 Primary School Resource

Somewhere Between Sky and Earth, 2017 High School Resource

With Secrecy and Despatch, 2016
Education Kit written by Wesley Shaw