Creative Careers Talks – Register Your Interest

Please complete the form below to register your interest for a Creative Careers Talk during Term 4, 2020.

There are 6 different programs, at 6 different schools, each with a different artist and tertiary organisation.

Registrations extended. Please register now to arrange a term 4 talk.

Cost: Free
Student numbers: 15+ (individual classes through to full assemblies)
Year group: Years 9 – 12 and young people
Format: In-person artist talks, supported by C-A-C facilitator (in-person); tertiary organization may be online (video chat).
Duration: 1 hour (approximately 20 minute careers talk from an artist, 15 minute presentation from a tertiary organisation, 15 minute Q&A facilitated by C-A-C)
Safety and contingency: This program can move fully online to video chat, if public health measures require.

Following program confirmation, we will liaise with your school to ensure physical distancing and Covid-19 safety plans are implemented for the safety of all involved.

Process: Registrations have been extended to allow flexibility into term 4. We will contact your school shortly following your registration, to advise whether we can arrange a talk based on your requests.

The program will be recorded to create an edited film resource available in late 2020. We will liaise with you regarding media permissions (not essential), at the time of program confirmation.

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Program Planning

1. Does your school currently have restrictions on on-site visitors, which may affect our ability to arrange in-person talks? Please give details.

2. Please select your preferred programs, rated from 1 – 3 (or more), with 1 being your first preference.

Brendan Blacklock (film) with AFTRS
Akil Ahamat (multi-disciplinary, audio, visual and arts administration) with University of Technology (UTS)
Feras Shaheen (dance and design) with Western Sydney University
Hamani Tanginoa (music) with JMC Academy
Emily Flannery (dance) with NAISDA Dance College
Nicole Monks (trans-disciplinary, visual arts, design) with TAFE NSW

3. Please list 3 or more preferred dates or times that are best for an in-school visit in term 4.

With each entry, include any info on subject areas, year groups, group size as well as demographics if applicable (ie. who the presenters might be speaking to)

Preferred Dates/Times 1
Preferred Dates/Times 2
Preferred Dates/Times 3
Preferred Dates/Times 4
Preferred Dates/Times 5


4. Does your school have facilities for this talk to take place via video chat or webinar:

Internet access
Video chat platform
Data projector with audio
Individual devices for students [non-essential]
5. Other comments or requests