Crash Course in Clay

Wednesday 29 September 2021, 10am – 3pm

Looking to get into ceramics? Crash Course is a one day intensive for beginner through to intermediate level students to learn the basics of ceramics and jumpstart their practice. The course covers all the foundational concepts and techniques required to get you started, including; practical theory, group discussion, live demonstrations and hands on experience with a range of different equipment, materials and tools. Upon completion of the Crash Course you will have produced 1 x hand built form and 2 x wheel thrown pieces to be kiln fired and available for collection within the fortnight.

Morning Session: Afternoon Session:
– Studio Health & Safety
– Key Terms
– Basics of Clay
– Hand-Building Techniques:
  Pinch Pots.
  Coil Building
  Slab Building
  Joining Clay
– Clay Recycling & Sustainable Practice.
– Wedging & Preparing Clay for Wheel Throwing
– Centring Clay on the Wheel
– Making Small Cylindrical Forms (Cup or Bowl)
– Finishing pieces. 

Facilitator: Tina Wheatley
Cost: $100
Ages: 12+