Conscious Connects

L-FRESH The LION. Photo: Jade D'Amico.

Saturday 20 May 2023, 10am – 4pm

‘Conscious Connects’ is a development day for emerging and mid-career Western Sydney musicians and music industry workers to enhance their music management, social media and performance skills. The development day will include workshops, practical activities, networking opportunities and take-home resources to support the development and practice of local musicians and industry. 

Keep reading to discover the full program and to register your interest. Registrations close 5pm, Friday 12 May 2023. 

Conscious Connects is a Campbelltown Arts Centre program produced in collaboration with Village Boy Entertainment and is supported through Campbelltown City Council’s Youth Week program.



Management Skills: management tips and tricks for artists and industry workers who want to understand the business behind the music 

Hosted by: Jess Keeley (Artist Manager, Wonderlick Entertainment) 

This management skills session will cover a broad overview of industry insights on a bunch of the things you need to know about managing music as a business. Skills covered as part of this session will include budgeting, scheduling and planning. This session is useful for self-managed artists, artists with a manager who want to better understand how to support and use their team, and up and coming music managers keen to ask questions. 

Social Media Skills: Communicate your brand, tell your story and connect with your audiences through social media  

Hosted by: A.GIRL & Dave MacGregor (Artist Manager; A.GIRL. Volkanik Music) 

This session on social media skills will be a deep dive into how to use social media to communicate your brand and find your audiences. You will be led through ways to create engaging content, choose the right platforms, utilise the unique tools for each platform and allocate advertising spend. This session is useful for both artists and music industry workers to understand how to work together to create a strong social media presence that speaks to and is supportive of, the music an artist creates.   

Stage-Craft Skills: Brush up your performance skills

Hosted by: L-FRESH The LION 

This stage-craft session will be a step-by-step guide providing useful tips from rehearsal to the stage. Stage logistics, troubleshooting tech, sound check tips, breath control, mic technique, managing nerves and visualisation will be just some of the performance skills you will be lead through. This session is useful for musicians and the support crew around them, to ensure they are prepped before and equipped on the day to give a ‘fire’ performance. 

Speed Networking: Ask your burning questions to industry experts from specialised fields

In this speed networking session small groups will get to chat directly to industry experts from specialist fields including social media, management, performance and artists. This is a great opportunity for musicians and music industry workers to share about their journey, ask specific questions or get practical advice. 

About Conscious:

Campbelltown Arts Centre’s ‘Conscious’ program supports the vibrant hip-hop community of Western Sydney. Facilitated by hip-hop artist and South-West Sydney local L-FRESH The LION and his team at Village Boy Entertainment, Conscious develops socially minded hip-hop artists, connects them with their communities and puts Western Sydney voices and stories centre stage locally and beyond.  

Conscious provides professional development and mentorship support, commissions new tracks and music videos, and provides opportunities for artists to perform, talk about their practice, connect with their local community and build valuable industry relationships. 

Our vision is to keep building the Conscious family of artists and creatives with our collaborators in the local region and beyond to share resources, exchange knowledge and support local artists to realise their goals and potential. 

To find out more about Conscious, visit the Conscious website or connect with Conscious on Facebook and Instagram  

Conscious is a Campbelltown Arts Centre program produced in collaboration with Village Boy Entertainment.