Music Technology & Composition with Zac Gough (Slim Set)

Photography by Jay Patel

November 2020 – July 2021


Learn the foundations of laying down tracks and making sounds in this three part video series created and facilitated by producer Zac Gough (DJ Atro) of Western Sydney hip hop duo Slim Set.

Aimed at high school music students, the series focuses on composition and the impact of technology, with practical demonstrations in music production using GarageBand and accompanying Sound Samples for students to use in their own compositions.

This learning resource has been developed for schools as part of Conscious 2020, C-A-C’s annual hip-hop artist development program. 

Please contact Edwina Hill to access Sound Sample package for students:

Edwina Hill, Education Officer
[email protected]
(02) 4645 4298

Part 1 – Artist introduction

Part 2 – Introduction to GarageBand

Part 3 – Making a beat in GarageBand