Budjari Mudjingaal

Saturday 27 March – Sunday 9 May 2021

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Budjari Mudjingaal, meaning ‘good friends’ in Dharawal language, is the exhibition outcome of The Elders’ Ceramic Group, which began as an eight week program at Campbelltown Arts Centre (C-A-C) in 2019, initiated by Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation (TAC). The program began in response to feedback from local Aboriginal Elders who were interested in ceramic practice. Led by local Aboriginal ceramicist, Natalie Valiente this hands-on creative workshop program provides Elders with new skills and a safe space to discuss current issues facing the community.

During workshops, Elders discussed the increasing mortality rate and short life expectancy of Aboriginal people in their community, and expressed that resources for rituals surrounding sorry business have become less affordable and are slowly becoming unsustainable. As a means of empowerment and to address the basic human right of mourning and remembrance, C-A-C has commissioned the Elders’ Ceramic Group to create a selection of vessels filled with floral arrangements. In partnership with Campbelltown TAFE (Aboriginal Pathways Unit) and The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan, the Elders have developed their knowledge and skills in floristry and have created arrangements from native flora and introduced species.

This ongoing project aims to restore pride, unity, cultural agency and ritual, whilst proposing a positive contribution to the sustainability and affordability surrounding sorry business.

Diane Andrewartha
Rhonda Banks
Christine Barton
Dianne Belgre
Kerry Dews
Susan Grant
Michelle Hailes
Natalie Valiente
Joanne Venn
Gail Vinter
Doris Williams  
Bronwyn Wright   

Budjari Mudjingaal also features a film created by Blacklock Media.