Bringing them Home Pottery Kits

Photo by Jay Patel

The Bringing them Home Pottery Kits project is a partnership between Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation and Campbelltown Arts Centre in direct response to the current restrictions. TAC will partner with C-A-C to resource, purchase and pack materials to make ceramic box packs for our Elders Ceramic Group and Elders who are restricted to their home and living in isolation.   

Items in a pack will consist of clay, paints, brushes and carving tools, packs will be prepared by C-A-C and TAC staff for delivery to Elders from all over the Campbelltown Area. Video tutorials developed by local Aboriginal ceramicist, Natalie Valiente, will be provided online, along with printed instructions. The project is designed to empower our Elders to explore individual ideas, creativity and explore the medium of clay and paints in the safety of their homes during these challenging times.   

Participation in the arts therapy is proven to benefit to health and wellbeing for Aboriginal people and may also offer additional vocational and educational opportunities. 

Natalie Valiente is a local Aboriginal ceramicist and fully qualified tertiary educator from the Campbelltown area. Her art making illustrates both her traditional and contemporary themes and designs. Natalie has developed the online video tutorials and printed instructions in consultation with C-A-C and TAC.