Booking Form: After School Art Club

Join Campbelltown Arts Centre educators and local artists for Term 3 art club workshops after school.

These creative and educational art workshops will be run on-site at Ruse Public School and Cawdor Public School each week, for children K-6.

Please note: Ruse Public School is booked out. Please email Samantha Relihan via the contact details below to be added to a waitlist.

Campbelltown Arts Centre is a cultural facility of Campbelltown City Council.

These programs are offered as part of Department of Education’s School Hours Pilot.

Samantha Relihan
Acting Education Officer 
[email protected]

Student Details
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Authorised people to collect
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Health, Medical & Support Information

  1. Please include any allergies or medical conditions and their treatment (for the purposes of this program).
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  3. Please provide any information on concerns, recommended routines or best ways to support your child.
  4. Any other comments or requests.
I have read and agree to the following…

Campbelltown Arts Centre cannot administer medication, including Panadol or regular asthma medication

Campbelltown Arts Centre do not have an Epipen/auto-injector, or Asthma medication in our first aid kit

Please pack drinks and/or snacks for your child/ren. C-A-C isn’t able to provide this.

Parent / carer must contact C-A-C to advise if their child is absent.

Parent/carer must contact C-A-C before 3pm, if child/ren are being collected by someone not on above authorized list.

Campbelltown Arts Centre will collect children from teacher supervision. You child/ren must be collected by an authorized parent/carer. Campbelltown Arts Centre staff will ask parent/carer to ‘sign out’ children at the collection point.

Please speak to the school or contact us if you would like to discuss any above items

Photo Permission

Permission to Campbelltown City Council c/- Campbelltown Arts Centre to use the image and likeness of my child, and/or their art work, as outlined below:

Recordings and images from this program may be edited and used to publicise and promote Campbelltown Arts Centre, or as part of reporting requirements for funding.

Such use includes the display, distribution, publication, transmission, or otherwise use of photographs, images, and/or video taken of participants (including Your Child) and their work, for use in materials that include, but may not be limited to, printed materials such as brochures and newsletters, videos, and digital images such as those on the Campbelltown City Council and Campbelltown Arts Centre website, and social platforms.

This permission applies to learning programs conducted by C-A-C. I acknowledge that if at any stage I no longer wish for My Child’s images to be used, I will notify C-A-C in writing via email to [email protected]