BLEED 2022: Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital

29 August – 25 September 2022 

BLEED is a six year project exploring how the online makes us feel. Taking place between the live and digital and across borders, in 2022 founding partners Arts House (Melbourne) and Campbelltown Arts Centre (Sydney) are delighted to expand our conversations with the participation of Taipei Performing Arts Center, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 

BLEED – a biennial live event in the everyday digital – features contemporary arts commissions across multiple IRL and digital platforms. In 2022 we consider the potential and problems of borders. We explore the sites of intersection between and within humans, technology, media, history and nationhood, and our emotional, physical and digital geographies. Our artists’ works consider the delays, lags and glitches that make us – and the pervasive technologies that shape and choreograph our lives – more human. They employ a range of methods and ask bold questions to stretch and expand our sense of connection: the role of translation, or how we might critique and disrupt prescribed digital ways of being. How do questions of digital transformation, digital inclusion and a digital earth remind us of the urgency through which we must formulate a sustainable ecology?  

Taken together, the commissioned artworks are an expansive consideration of care through crisis, and the myriad ways it is unfolding now – and will unfold into our futures.  

BLEED also features a lively program of talks, podcasts, essays and reflections in BLEED ECHO, exploring the problems and potential of our everyday digital existence. 

In 2022, BLEED takes place across three cities, online and in person, from 29 August – 25 September. 


BLEED (Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital) was conceived by Campbelltown City Council through Campbelltown Arts Centre, and The City of Melbourne through Arts House. BLEED 2022 is produced and presented by Campbelltown City Council through Campbelltown Arts Centre, and City of Melbourne through Arts House, Taipei Performing Arts Center and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. 

BLEED has been supported by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney.