BLEED 2020: Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital


BLEED: Biennial Live Event in the Everyday Digital
22 June – 30 August 2020

This is BLEED, a biennial festival from Arts House and Campbelltown Arts Centre. Our everyday is saturated with digital, and so we ask: how does online feel? The inaugural BLEED took place 22 June to 30 August presenting 99 new artworks from 70 artists and 23 writers. BLEED is your space to watch/listen/read/think your way through the strangeness of an IRL and URL existence.  You can continue to explore the works or the things you missed along the way…until next time.

BLEED 2020 feature artists

Hannah Brontë – miSS – Eupnea 
Alex Kelly & David Pledger – Assembly for the Future 
James Nguyen & Victoria Pham – RE:SOUNDING 
Angela Goh & Su Yu Hsin – Paeonia Drive 
Emile Zile & Lilian Steiner –  Becoming The Icon 

Discover BLEED Echo, a public program responding to and ricocheting from the five artist projects and curatorial conversation of BLEED bringing together a range of artists and thinkers in a series of writing commissions, special projects, artist talks and panel discussions.


BLEED interrogates the digital that exists in our communities, consciousness and culture. It is a response to the unfolding power shift in our digital existence, which flashes between enthusiastic embrace and citizens, corporations and governments merging into an evolving dance of convenience and cooperation.

BLEED features art that spans platforms, each work seeking to understand, stretch and respond to these disruptive times. From URL to IRL and back again, these artworks greet audiences where they already reside: online, hyper-connected and virtually networked. The project explores different models of sharing art across borders within a digital public sphere: the new reality, relationships and conversations between artist and audience that can now be explored. BLEED will encourage different modes of engagement, asking what does the online feel like? And how has this feeling seeped into our everyday? 

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BLEED is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, City of Campbelltown through Campbelltown Arts Centre and City of Melbourne through Arts House.