Big Studio – Splosh, Mush & Spray and Slay

10 January, 10am–3pm
Kids all ages (Max 25 kids – minimum – 7 kids)
Ages: 5-15 (kids will be split in to two ages groups however happy to accommodate siblings and friends if they want to be in same group)  

Big Studio – Splosh, Mush & Spray and Slay
Inspired by Campbelltown Arts Centre’s featured artist Telly Tuita this 2 session workshop explores self-expression, fabrication and layering.
Do the creative bundle and enjoy your lunch in the sculpture garden or take your pick of the two creative workshops.


Session 1: Spray and Slay
Time: 10am–12pm
Cost: $30

Bring in your old tired t-shirts and shorts and revive your clothes with spray bottle and stamp dying techniques.

All Spray and Slay participants are invited to the Telly Tuita “Fashion Funway” event taking place at Campbelltown Arts Centre on Thursday 11 January, 5-9pm as part of Sundown Sessions – it’s like a runway but waaaay more fun! Bring in your hand dyed piece and then embellish and decorate it with Telly.



Session 2: Splosh, Mush
Time: 1pm–3pm
Cost: $20
Self-portraits as multidimensional as you are!
Create your own 3d layered framed portrait using paint, markers and squishing materials between clear layers.
Have your art-work exhibited in the Sundown Sqaud gallery photo wall.
*bring a photo of yourself as inspiration.



Creative bundle:
Session 1 and 2 for $40
Pack a your lunch and hat and do both the workshops with a supervised lunch in-between.