Ask an Artist: Video series

Year 12 students speaking with artist Kuba Dorabialski, 2019

In 2020, artists Abdul Abdullah, Nicole Barakat, Dennis Golding, Claudia Nicholson,  Anney  Bounpraseuth and Sab D’Souza generously opened up their studio and home work spaces, sharing their practice with young people and schools across Western Sydney – and beyond. 

This personable archive of artist talks are available for individuals and schools, unpacking research and development processes across a range of art forms, providing insight into studio practices, as well as offering easy to follow practical demonstrations including Facefilters, colour mixing, collage and fabric art. 


Edwina Hill, Education Officer 
[email protected] 
0419 213 872 

Artist Number 1: Abdul Abdullah

Artist Number 2: Nicole Barakat

Artist Number 3: Claudia Nicholson


Artist Number 4: Anney Bounpraseuth

Artist Number 5: Sab D’Souza

Artist Number 6: Dennis Golding