Adam Jones receives Stephen Cummins Residency

Adam Jones. Photo courtesy of Silversalt Photography.

Little Orange artist Adam Jones has received the Performance Space Stephen Cummins Residency, a two-week-long residency for emerging queer artists to make progress towards creating a new performance work.

‘Heart Eater’ 

Adam Jones will create ‘Heart Eater’, a new drag-performance video work mentored by artist Liam Benson in performance and movement.

The work will continue Adam’s methodical research into occult mysticism and magical principles, exploring ‘lust and gluttony’. Visually, the work will reference perfume commercials; lucid, seductive and surreal. Using adverts as a starting point to explore psychological tactics and persuasion, the work will explore ‘unmet desire’.

Adam wishes to look at restrictions inlaid in art and society:

“Being from the disability sector, there are expectations of what art has to be… Expectations of what I should be as an artist who identifies with disability, and my own personal-self and are sometimes adverse to each other. I want to challenge people’s expectations”.

Adam feels Liam Benson is a fitting match to expand upon his performance skills; focusing on ‘the camera’, concept, movement and audience. Employing existing personally-designed tarot cards and costumes, Adam will create new props featuring motifs of bones and teeth of human and animal forms, phallic symbols and internal organs.

Adam will present ‘Heart Eater’ as a part of the ‘Queer Nu Werk’ showcase at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists on 20 & 21 July. Find out more below.