2023 Fishers Ghost Art Award Finalists


Artist Name Artwork Category
Luke Abdallah Impression of Mount Annan Open
Marion Abraham Wilderness Open
Oliver Ackland Been a minute Open
Tom Adair Synthetic Sublime Open
Clara Adolphs New Fiction Open
Mostafa Azimitabar The Land of Dreams Open
Susan Lesley Andrews Double-up Open
Chris Antico Tommy Gubba redeems his people Open
Virginia Arregui Postcards Open
Emmanuel Asante Warmth Open
John Aslanidis Sonic no. 90 Open
Javier Baez Bonorat Cursive Ocean Open
Susan Baird Morning View Open
Dhinawan Baker Shallow Reef Open
Frances Barrett Cry Open
Denis Beaubois Indivisible Open
Zanny Begg Prisoners Open
Pippita Bennett Warrumbungle Wattle Open
Jo Bertini The Water Tree of Doubtful Creek Open
Lee Bethel Whose fingers touch the sky Open
Drew Bickford Heavy Spells Open
Ben Blick-Hodge Order & Apparition 2 Open
Yvonne Boag Horseshoe Bay Open
Mark Booth ‘Cu200:FF25.90° (Teal)’ Open
Helen Brancatisano The Way Down Open
Rebecca Brennan First Nations, First Fleet Open
Will Broadhurst First Sound, Campbelltown Open
Annette Bukovinsky Rousing Shoreline Open
Johnathon World Peace Bush Taken from Paradise Open
Katjarra Butler Korrmangkuntja Open
Betty Campbell Minymaku Inma (Women’s Song) Open
Maria Fernanda Cardoso Dark Sun of Eucalyptus Coronata Gumnuts on Board Open
Genevieve Carroll The Blackberries Algorithm Open
Natasha Chant The Lost Stone of Stenness Open
Margaret Chapman Winter Sky Open
Kevin Chin Afield Open
Gary Christian And here we all stand under La Nina’s big sky Open
Andrew Christie The Time We Had Left Open
Erin Coates We’re always touching underwater Open
Saskia Haalebos Self/your/our portrait (dreamer/thinker) Open
Nick Collerson 1000 Years in the Future. Open
Nancy Constandelia I am not the one in love. It is love that seizes me. Open
Gabrielle Cook Misery, Malice & Spite Open
Tony Costa Warumbul no 3 Open
Karen Coull Unidentified Woman 1 & 2 Open
Carolyn Craig Support structures for dismantled bodies: Part 2 Open
Carol Lehrer Crawford Mitzi Open
Dean Cross Sometimes I Miss the Applause Open
Lily Cummins The river Open
Amy Cuneo Provision Open
Patrick Dagg Just Like Honey Open
Inga Dalrymple Lagoon Open
Inel Date This is my River song Open
Harold David “Neverest and the Apple Tree” Open
Lada Dedic Kunanyi; Intersecting Paths and a Road to Nowhere Open
Regina Law Ephemeral LandscapeFrom the Lake Mungo series Open
Nicola Dickson Woodland Requiem — Gobbagombalin Open
Damian Dillon and James Birch honey sussex Open
Kelly Dolly Empty / Full Open
Kate Dorrough Aquifers & River Language Open
Sarah Edmondson Certainly Open
Chris Edwards Wirriimbi Home Lands Open
John Edwards Captain Thunderbolt’s Hideout Open
Virginia Fantini Fibras Mia Open
Nic Fern A woman looking at men looking at women. Open
Michael Flavell Afterlife Open
Oliver Fontany PG Open
Katrina Garvey Distantism Open
Lori Pensini Florescence Open
Bob Gibson Patjantja Open
Belinda Golder Kngwarreye My Country, Awelye Open
Dennis Golding Back Home From Home Open
Angie Goto Inbetween and Unbound Open
Brad Gunn Flopsy Centrefold Open
James Hale A modest sum Open
Lizzie Hall After the High Fell (Black/Blue) Open
Jess Hall In the middle space, the place of transformation Open
Craig Handley Poolday Open
Justin Harvey UNPROMPTED STUDIES 1–3 Open
David Hawkes The vale behind the web Open
Amrita Hepi Blak Owt Blinds Open
Petrina Hicks Nike of Samothrace & Hercules Open
Pamela Honeyfield Arkaroola Open
Alana Hunt In Plain Sight Open
Emily Imeson Enmeshed Beauty of Chaotic Kin Open
Emryn Ingram-Shute X-Rated Delusion Open
Adam Jones Leave by Wings Open
Alun Rhys Jones STRAIGHT Open
Carissa Karamarko Put Points Open
Virginia Keft matjam yapinj yapin tja (flying fox in the spring) Open
Madeleine Kelly Earth drill Open
Nicole Kelly Led by Stars Open
Ingvar Kenne Arrernte Country (Corroboree Rock) Open
Haein Kim Hard Body Soft Emotions Open
Anna May Kirk Whale Fall Open
Ethan James Kotiau Gambi (Woman) Open
Shivanjani Lal Ghar Open
Eugenia Lim Metabolism Open
Peta Link A woman’s strength. Open
Stephen Little The Harbinger Suite: BABEL Open
Janelle Low At Your Surface (II, III, IV) Open
Tracy Luff Pillows On The Wall Open
Amelia Lynch Lamprima Latreillii Open
Jess MacNeil Among the eternal resonance of murmur and flare – over and under and between and through – pulsed soft whispers from the future to the past Open
Miska Mandic Portals and residues Open
Donna Marcus Syrup Open
Kerry Madawyn McCarthy Dillybag Strings Stripped and Dyed Open
Daniel McKewen A Dark Forest Open
Juanita McLauchlan guuymaylaya gulibaa / gathering three Open
Tony Mighell sensetense Open
Asher Foley Milgate We know more than you think (Peramangk). 2023 Open
Daniel Mudie Cunningham On a Queer Day You Can See Forever Open
Betty Mula Punu Tjuta (Many Trees) Open
Yuhana Nashmi Mobility Dreams Open
Soraya Nematollahi Family Open
Johanna Ng Dad shot, I shoot Open
Nelson Nghe Bug Open
Jamie North La Niña Paintings No.1-No.5 Open
Susan O’Doherty The Nursery Open
Geoff Overheu Cousins Open
Sonia Payes Renewal Open
Emily Portmann Lantana II Open
Al Poulet Archangel Open
Marina Pumani Brown Ngayuku Ngura Kuwari (My Home Now) Open
Daley Rangi Toi Toy Open
Enoet Râz FOR FREEDOM Open
Victoria Reichelt The Earth Shall Inherit the Weak Open
Amanda Jane Reynolds three guragurr barrangal Open
Julie Robertson Dog Meets Global Warming Open
Monica Rani Rudhar We were connected in a more complicated way than e Open
Khaled Sabsabi Buraq Open
Erica Seccombe Ghost Open
Jessica Smith Entwinings: heat of the moment Open
Linda Sok Deities in Temples II Open
Meagan Streader Ghost (tower) Open
Dianne Tchumut Paperbark Open
Angela Tiatia The Dark Current Open
Yvette Tziallas My lifeline to bloom Open
Pamela U’Ren French Slow Flow, No One Owns The River Open
Sarah Walker Jump Scare Open
Kai Wasikowski Bounded in a Nutshell / King of Infinite Space Open
Charlie Wells Cockatoo by the Old Tree Open
Peta West Heathland II Open
Jade Whelan Dreaming is free Open
Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier Out, Damned Spot (Borscht) Picnic Rug Open
Sue Jo Wright Applause Open
Celeste Wrona Sunburnt Country Open
Fangmin Wu After bushfire V1 Open
Robert Young Shield Songlines Open



Hedar Abadi Steamy Contemporary
Kerrie Abello Purple Haze Contemporary
Rebecca Agnew Infinite West Contemporary
Mostaque Ahmed Inspirations and aspirations 2 Contemporary
Maissa Alameddine To Hold Contemporary
Karen Alex Blue Flowers Contemporary
Renee Allara Ode to Tiffany Contemporary
Karen Ball Memory Keeper Contemporary
Jane Barrow connectivity Contemporary
Gabrielle Bates Dock Contemporary
Richard J Bell Becoming of a Butterfly Contemporary
Melanie Booth Are you sure III Contemporary
Anna Boros God’s Law For A.I. Contemporary
Julia Boros Imperceptible Contemporary
Antony Bright Vessel Contemporary
Julie Brockenshire Freedom Contemporary
Clare Brodie Elusive Forms Contemporary
Kelcie Bryant-Duguid An ‘un-curated’ life Contemporary
Sally (Tjimpuna) Butler Wingarntjirri Contemporary
Laila Campbell Thuraya Rosalie Soft-Paw and Jasper Jones Contemporary
Tristan Chant Dummies Contemporary
Marwa Charmand Displaced, Philippines Contemporary
Jan Cleveringa Namadgi — Seeing Ghosts — Listening to Trees Contemporary
Brendalee Coan Summer Commuity Contemporary
Dale-Myree Dal Santo Xanthorrhoea Resinosa (Grass Trees) Contemporary
Edwin Daughtry Dark Rabbit Contemporary
Cody Delaney Evening Dance with the Mimis Contemporary
Jagath Dheerasekara Bush will grow in the lounge room Contemporary
Kalanjay Dhir A Perfect Storm Contemporary
Rosa Daniela Diaz Blood is thicker than Water Contemporary
Julie Donnelly A Different Direction Contemporary
Dongwang Fan Global Bodies Contemporary
Jezzy Fezzy Felis Cosmos Contemporary
Danica Firulovic Two White Circles within Three Rectangles Contemporary
Todd Fuller No use crying over ripped lace Contemporary
Emily Galicek Blue Wallpaper with Vases and Ledges Contemporary
Fei Gao The Abyss Contemporary
Angie Geng for a caregiver, from a caregiver Contemporary
Maddison Gibbs Parasite Contemporary
Adelle Gociev Ogan Contemporary
Midori Goto “MUUUM, can I’ve a snack?!” Contemporary
Lorna Grear Shades of River Contemporary
Jessica Greenland Arboreous Contemporary
Peter Gregson Tornado Contemporary
Graziela Guardino Deconstructed Painting Burnt Orange Contemporary
Michelle Hailes Cultural Heritage/Nungar Woman Contemporary
Di Hallinan FACING EXTINCTION — Red Goshawk Contemporary
Samantha Hanicar Core Sample No.33 Contemporary
Lee Harrop Portal Contemporary
Orson Heidrich Mechanical Advantage — Extrusion (Brass) Contemporary
Dianna Hickey Colour Your World Contemporary
Paula Holliday Spring Garden Contemporary
Karen Hook A Little Piece of Desert Scrub After the Rain Contemporary
Paul Howard Particle Contemporary
Jennifer Jackson Coralled and Connected Contemporary
Imogen Jade Picnic Mat Contemporary
Eunjoo Jang Accumulated time-space Contemporary
Mel Jhey The Spaces In Between Contemporary
Freya Jobbins A few small nips Contemporary
Cat Jones Medicament for Your Predicament Contemporary
Zeina Kara Ali The Green House Contemporary
Gillian Kemp Decked out art Contemporary
Melvy Connell Goanna in the Tree Contemporary
Walter Kenyon Little girl with slice of ham Contemporary
Rafiqur Khan A flyover Contemporary
Renee Kire Offspring Contemporary
Lydia Kullik “8 Inches of Amazon” Contemporary
Lisa Kurtz The acoustics of place Contemporary
Sophie Lampert The eye in the mirror of heaven Contemporary
Shahroud Ghahani The Goddess of no names Contemporary
Joan Long Mystical Waterfall Contemporary
Wanita Lowe Dharawal country 2 Contemporary
Lorraine Maggs YAY Contemporary
Jennifer Maree The Collection Contemporary
Charlene May Bumblebee Contemporary
Stephanie McCready Banksia I & II Contemporary
Lucinda McDonald FUNKY FREEFALL Contemporary
Michael McHugh Fandango Contemporary
Marieta McNaught Ruby’s Adventure Contemporary
Heidi Melamed MOnuMENT in Black Contemporary
Jo Mellor Barrier Contemporary
Minal Karim Wild Goose Chase Contemporary
David Mendelsohn MITHU-ISMS Contemporary
Lara Merrett small oceanic feelings Contemporary
Mary Mizzi Beneath The Blue Contemporary
Victoria Monk Catch Me Contemporary
Samantha Moorhouse Midnight Contemporary
Frankie Morgan Bonsai #3 (Nic’s Bonsai) Contemporary
Nasim Nasr Measure of Love 4 Contemporary
Mess Noise The Calling Contemporary
Shani Nottingham TOXIC BLOOMS (RED) Contemporary
Sean O’Brien Creek Line! Mutawincji Contemporary
Maki Ogawa Transit shrine Contemporary
Sean O’Leary Untitled Contemporary
Jo Parkin Untitled Skull Contemporary
Janaki Peart Electric Blanket Sky Contemporary
Jessica Pound Geminis Contemporary
Louis Pratt I wish you were real Contemporary
Gail Priest and Thomas Burless Vibrant Membrane Contemporary
Jayanto Tan The Table of Silence: The Only G.A.Y in the Village Contemporary
Vedika Rampal ‘Forms of a Fermenting Fantasy’ Contemporary
Marilyn Rayward Emu Contemporary
Khashayar Salmanzadeh Embodied Revelations Contemporary
Douglas Schofield Day for it Contemporary
Julie Scifo From Westie to Bogan and Back Again Contemporary
Gary Smith Smaller World Contemporary
Kate Spedding EURYDICE Contemporary
Lisa Stonham Light Gestures (in Pink and Green) Contemporary
Dorothy-Rae Sullivan In the Pink Contemporary
Ellie Sutton LSD Contemporary
Ali Tahayori Impossible Desire Contemporary
Blake Thomas Pa Contemporary
Chloe Tizzard Claudia Contemporary
Josee Vesely-Manning Moon Age Contemporary
Kathleen Wigan Empty Nest Contemporary
Jude Williams I Am So Much More, Truly Contemporary
Alison Winchester Hill End Wattle September Contemporary
Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria Flower #2 (from Opening Ceremony) Contemporary
Nahomi Yoshizawa waiting for new season Contemporary
Elsa Fiona Young Minyma Pirni Contemporary



Rizwana Ahmad Autumn Still Life Traditional
Diane Andrewartha Simmos Beachs — Healing Natures Retreat Traditional
Usha Bachhil BEHIND THE SCENE Traditional
Joseph Barale A Bouquet of Emotion Traditional
Nicci Bedson Rosa y Roja Traditional
Esther Bolz Calendulanature’s balsam Traditional
Annabel Butler Drawing by the Big Window Traditional
Xingmin Chu Morning in Fishing Harbour Traditional
Paul Connor Vertigo, Boree (North Head) Traditional
Danielle Creenaune A Thousand Echoes Traditional
Madeline Davis A “Peace’”of Kanangra Traditional
Kristen Elizabeth Donoghue-Stanford Fine (1 & 2) Traditional
Leslie Duffin Show Me Your Drawers: Two by Two Traditional
Nikki Easterbrook Rosemary’s Rocks, from the series After Boyd Traditional
Ali Faqirzada Elly Chatfield Traditional
Ally Francis-Reynolds Embrace Traditional
Ashley Hume Dual Radiance: Chromatic Conversations Traditional
Emmaline Ingram Agatha Traditional
Xeni Kusumitra Guardian Angel Blessing Traditional
Maksim Kuznetcov Male foot — 1 Traditional
John Lascelles Balance of Probabilities Traditional
Mina Lee fish market Traditional
Julie McCurry Dunmore Swamp Traditional
Shelley McLean This Present Moment Traditional
Anthony Milroy Capertee Traditional
Sharon Moroney Once were Wild Traditional
Mark Naismith-Beeley Alone With Tree Traditional
Brett Nicholls Air Jordans Traditional
Simon Nicholls The Last Civic Video Night Padstow Traditional
Peta O’Halloran Punching Bag Traditional
Laura Paige A Moment to Glow Traditional
Pamela Pauline Gang Gang Glamour Traditional
Justin Pearson What it takes to get ahead in life Traditional
Kristine Pedler Big Red Kangaroo Paw and Tiger Cowrie Shell Traditional
Corrado Peluso LIFE Traditional
Anthony Polistena Hill End Traditional
Tracey Prioste Camden Traditional
Lucy Ray A forest clearing, dog and bathtub Traditional
Nick Santoro India and Schmincke in the Green Room Traditional
Michael Simms The Celebutante Traditional
Natalie Spain An Ode to Teatime Traditional
Marcia Staples THE VOICE Traditional
Soon Fatt Tang Altered intersections: Pandemic Snapshots Traditional
Nola Tegel Birthday flowers with Margaret Ollie Traditional
Alex Thorby Self portrait with beetle Traditional
Andrew Riewing Vanderschoor Golden arvo Traditional
Kath Wallace Hip Harry Traditional
Maryanne Wick Cruel, Clever, Cat Traditional
Col Wills Ganguddy (Dunns Swamp) Traditional