The Doll by Miro Gavran

The Doll by Miro Gavran (15+) English Version
Saturday 15 December | 7.30pm

The Doll is a story of a 39-year-old man whose girlfriend leaves him after a six-year relationship due to his reluctance for marriage and children. Left alone, he cannot bear the loneliness and after a few months begins to live with a woman-doll, the latest android designed to make men happy. But the android was designed by a female scientist, who has plenty of her own views on male-female relationships. The man gradually becomes aware of the mistakes for which his girlfriend left him.

Miro Gavran is a contemporary Croatian author, born in 1961. His works have been translated into 40 languages, and his books have come out in 200 different editions in Croatia and abroad. His dramas and comedies have had more than 300 theatre first nights around the world and have been seen by more than three million theatre-goers.

Gavran is the only living dramatist in Europe to have a theatre festival devoted solely to his plays outside his/her homeland; the Gavranfest was founded in the city of Trnava in Slovakia in 2003, moved to Krakow, Poland in 2013 while as of 2016 it will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Ticket cost: $29.50 GA

Supported by Croatia House Inc. & Consulate General of The Republic of Croatia