C-Town Rumble

Image: 2017 National Poetry Slam Championship photograph courtesy of Clare Hawley

Friday 20 April | 5pm til late

Join us for a C-Town Rumble and hear from Campbelltown’s freshest young Spoken Word Artists. Each artist gets only three minutes to perform. No props, costumes, or music. Just a microphone and the power of their words. Judges are randomly selected from the audience and the top performers will go on to represent Campbelltown at the  NSW Rumble Final, held at Sydney Writers Festival on Saturday 5 May.

Need a ride? Youth Off the Streets will be providing buses to assist young people and their families to attend this event. Please contact Youth Off the Streets to arrange a pick up time and location on 02 8796 6700 or email

Youth Off the Streets will be providing a free community barbeque from 5pm