Director: Michael Dagostino
Program and Production Coordinator: Jenn Blake
Business Coordinator: Mouna Zaylah
Grants and Development Officer: Bronwyn Papantonio
Media and Communications Officer: Danielle Farrugia
Curator Contemporary Performance: Jessica Olivieri
Curator Contemporary Music: Matthew Steffen
Curator Contemporary Dance: Nick Power
Curator Contemporary Visual Art: Adam Porter
Assistant Curators: Matt Prest, Emily Rolfe & Akil Ahamat
Production Team Leader: Paul Welch
Production Assistant: Nathan Moore
Education Officer: Edwina Hill
Creative Learning and Engagement Officer: Timothy George
Administrative Assistant: Sharon McAndrew
Digital Content Officer: Ashley Sime
Collections Officer: Jasmine Kean
Visitor Services Team Leader: Zana Lopez
Visitor Services Officers: Louise Snowdon, Julie Finch, Laura Brunick, Cindy Fabian & Tina Wheatley