Director: Michael Dagostino
Program and Production Coordinator: Jenn Blake
Business Coordinator: Mouna Zaylah
Curator Contemporary Performance: Frances Barrett
Curator Contemporary Music: Matthew Steffen
Curator Contemporary Dance: Nick Power
Curator Contemporary Visual Art: Megan Monte
Assistant Curators Performance: Nikoleta Minns and Tahjee Moar
Assistant Curator Visual Arts: Kate Britton
Production Team Leader: Paul Welch
Education and Public Programs Officer: Edwina Hill
Acting Media and Marketing Officer: Amanda King
Collections Officer: Jasmine Kean
Visitor Services Team Leader: Zana Lopez
Visitor Services Officers: Cindy Fabian, Julie Finch, Laura Brunick, Louise Snowdon
Administrative Assistant: Sharon McAndrew

Campbelltown Arts Centre Sub-Committee
The Sub-Committee meets up to four times per year to discuss matters relating to Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Cr Paul Hawker Chair, Mayor, Campbelltown City Council
Cr Bob Thompson Vice Chair, Councillor, Campbelltown City Council
Cr Ted Rowell, Councillor, Campbelltown City Council
Lindy Deitz, General Manager, Campbelltown City Council
Justine Uluibau, Acting Director Community Services, Campbelltown City Council
Michael Dagostino, Manager Cultural Services, Campbelltown City Council
Joan Long, Friends of the Campbelltown Arts Centre
Helene Buckman, Friends of the Campbelltown Arts Centre
Jim Marsden, Marsdens Law Group
Suzanne Archer Artist
Lorna Grear Arts Educator
Cr Lara Symkowiak, Mayor, Camden Council
Cr Michael Banasik, Councillor, Wollondilly Shire Council